SCC’s fearless student president; Miguel Guerrero led family, now leads student body

When Miguel Guerrero found out that he had to leave his home in Los Angeles, he couldn’t imagine the opportunities that were ahead of him. He could only think about his friends, and the memories he was leaving behind.

Guerrero, 24, started a new chapter of his life at City College in 2014. He’s now the president of the Student Senate, and he believes that moving to Sacramento helped shape the person he is today.

Looking back, Guerrero realized L.A. wasn’t for him. In Sacramento, he can take walks as the trees sway around him, and go to nearby trails to enjoy the nature. He says L.A. didn’t offer him that.

“I explored the city and I found my sense of self,” says Guerrero. “I decided to do the best that I can here.”

Leaving L.A. was hard, but he knew it was the best decision for his family. Growing up in a poor community, and facing a tough situation, Guerrero had to prove he could provide for his family.

“My dad was going to have to go to prison, so I had to take care of the family myself,” says Guerrero. “After he got out of prison, we decided not to stay in L.A. anymore. That’s when we made the transition over here.”

At first, Guerrero did not like the idea of moving to Northern California, but he tried to view the situation as an opportunity to better himself.

“I told myself that I wanted to be more involved with the community and college life,” says Guerrero. “I am a natural introvert.”

He says he used to be very shy until he decided to step out of his comfort zone and campaign for Student Senate president.

“The thought of publicly speaking, and even talking to people I didn’t know, was terrifying,” says Guerrero.

Even though he was afraid to speak in front of crowds, he took a deep breath and faced the challenge. Because of his decision, he became the leader of City College’s student government starting July 1, 2017. According to his new-found co-workers, Guerrero is taking to the job nicely.

“Miguel handles the new position well, and with pride,” says Haley Lepper, student personnel assistant to the Student Leadership and Development department. “He understands and provides a voice for the City College students, which requires the president to wear many hats.”

Those who work with Guerrero say he really cares about the student body, and is helpful to those around him.

“I am grateful he is our president,” says Student Senate President Pro-Tempore Danny Thirakul. “He actually helped me understand how to write resolutions.”

From taking care of his family to helping City College students any way he can, Guerrero makes the most of his leadership position.

Guerrero is working toward wider accessibility to resources for DACA students in the campus community. In addition, Guerrero is currently working with the college administration to address student safety by increasing security for the parking garage and expanding the night shuttle carts.

With so many tangible goals on the docket, Guerrero has to work with the administration to be able to take action. And that means attending meetings. A lot of them.

“Not a lot of people understand how much work our senate president has to do,” says Thirakul. “The meetings alone he has to attend are enough to be considered a full-time job.”

“The president of the student body is a demanding position with numerous obligations,” says Lepper, “such as participation on numerous standing committees, weekly Student Senate meetings, monthly joint budget committees, district office committees and many more.”

According to Kimberlee Beyrer, faculty coordinator for Student Leadership and Development, Guerrero is managing all his duties with aplomb.

“He leads his Senate members well, collaborates with faculty, staff, administrators and students across the campus community, and works to assure that students have a representative voice at the college, district and state levels,” says Beyrer. “Miguel is a hard worker with a heart of gold.”

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